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The Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance

LEAP is non-profit interdisciplinary project for electronic,
digital media arts and Performance. LEAP curates and
presents solo and group exhibitions, performances, concerts,
workshops, meetings and talks.

The concept central to LEAP is experimentation in digital
Technologies and media, which shape and change our present
and future society- and stimulate new discourses, discussions
and questions. The human being(or body) is in this context in
performative interaction with these technologies.
Since its inception in March 2011, LEAP has curated and
organised nearly 20 individual and group Exhibitions,
performances, concerts, workshops, meetings and talks.
In addition, a number of series have been developed to address
specific themes in digital and performance art.
In the future the promotion of artistic and cultural exchange will
extend to cooperation with institutes, universities, foundations
and festivals, in both Germany and abroad
With its exhibitions and projects, LEAP is interested in the
immediate involvement of the urban environment outside
the gallery and to explore the progressive fusion of real and
virtual space.
LEAP is centrally located neat the Berlin TV tower / Alexanderplatz
and offers 390m2 to artists and curators for exhibitions and
experiments. Along with five artists studios, there is a large exhibition
space with panoramic views, a space for screening and
access to a roof terrace.
LEAP is a project by Daniel Franke, Kai Kreuzmüller and John